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Mispronunciations and $90 Dollar Pizzas: Liveblog of the Cotton Bowl from JerryWorld

Since WordPress is a fascist regime that frowns upon the public demonstrations of opposition and the use of certain liveblog applications, Ill be Live Tweeting the Cotton Bowl festivities over at the FOTP Twitter.  Stop by, for no other reason than to have an annotated list of corrections for all of the names and factual information that Pat Summerall is sure to blow through with all of the gusto of a man with little time left and little to lose and a live mic in his hand possesses.



Hate, Hate, Hate

Vodpod videos no longer available.









The hatin’ is thick over at the Cup.  Corndog and herpes jokes to be plentiful.  FOTP, of course, will be headed up to Oxford for all the Magnolia Bowl activities.  We never miss an opportunity to see the influx of purple and gold jogging suits first hand.   And no, that pimp outfit does not make you awesome, or funny, or awesomely funny, douche.  Hate, hate, hate.

Play Us Off Elvis(es)…

Play.Us.Off. RebElvis Weekend 2009 was apparently held during the Ole Miss-Arkansas game. Red, White, Blue, Black, and Gold Elvis sing American Trilogy before 10s of fans in the Grove. Too bad they cut the video because it sounded like they were about to go into Crazy Train. Probably not, but it would have been the awesome.

Hey Ole Miss Students, Knock That Shit Off

The Chancellor has made his plea, Shepard Smith has eloquently offered up his two cents, and even Orson had some ingenious solutions…now its my turn.

Dearest Ole Miss Student Body,

Cut that shit out, seriously.  

Just let it go.  You’ll get over it, I promise.  I know because I was right there in the middle of the student section some years ago waiving the confederate flag in support of by beloved Rebels.  Hell, there’s was a picture of me and the rest of the Ole Miss faithful on the cover of the USA Today, waiving the flag, during the height of that controversy.  It took a forward thinking Chancellor in Robert Khayat, and a head strong football coach like Tommy Tuberville to get that practice changed.  And they were right.  Really really right.  And you know what else, we totally got over it pretty quickly because we realized it didn’t mean all that much to us in the long run because we weren’t hate mongering racists hell beant on preserving the pride and dignity of the Old South and all of the tenets that it stood for by God!, all we really wanted was what was best for our school, and ultimately, ourselves.  The national perception, and more importantly to me…the health and well being of the football team, was more significant than some piece of cloth on a stick that came in more handy to stir my bourbon and coke then it ever did to cheer on my Rebels. 

All that being said, its one stupid line in one stupid song, that, if you’re are so enraged and adamant about losing, probably indicates that you have some deeper seeded issues beyond cheering for mediocre football.  If that’s the case, may we offer a musical alternative, I’m sure the band could learn it.

In closing, seriously, stop it with TSWRA.  And fuck you for making me so mad that I used a Randy Newman reference.

Thoughts and Prayers,

Bunkie Perkins

A Below Average Photo Essay: Epic Weekend

Bear witness o’ loyal readers of FOTP, because there will never be a photo essay with this much awesome from today til forever at some point.  I flew down to the Plains of Auburn to meet up with this website’s other forefather, Mike Medallion, to embark on a 72 hour period of alcohol-fueled sporting goodness that will go down in the annals of time for its level of commitment, its recognition of all things southern by the grace of God, and, more importantly, for its complete disregard for sleep and long term liver health.  Behold the mother of all Below Average Photo Essays, dare I say its a little above average…


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A Below Average Photo Essay: Houston’s Revenge

Hog fans loaded up the late model AstroVan, filled with hurt feelings and vitriol, and headed across the worst stretch of highway known to man, better known as I-40 from Little Rock and Memphis, to see if their Hogs could build on the momentum of a near upset against Florida in Oxford this weekend.  Last years match-up was so hate filled and spectacular that we had to make the trip to Ole Miss to soak it all in.  Flanked by our friends in the Fayetteville mafia, we saw all that was to be seen and this is our unspectacular account…


Its a beautiful day in the Grove…(*sticks finger in mouth then lifts it skyward)  and the air is just right for drinking.

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Below Average Photo Essay: Bama Rolls Into Oxford

I stormed the Grove this weekend with three main goals…to show JKoot from Busted Coverage, who has never truly experienced football in the South, what tailgating at Ole Miss is all about, to somehow run into JTBowtie and compliment the young squire on his hair and possibly give him a hearty “Rougeau Brothers” congratualtory left handed hand shake for a successful 80’s style heel heat, and come away with a rare win against the Tide…two of these things went splendidly according to plan…


There he is…in all his maitre de/Captain Stubing inspired glory…strolling down the Walk of Champions just like he said he would.  He had promised that he would be flanked by body guards that would rival any heel entrance by Ric Flair and the 4 Horsemen, but it resembled something a little less intimidating, to say the least.  That being said…bully to him for making the trip and indeed walking the walk.

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